28 Chancery Lane

The Building

28 Chancery combines over 100,000 sq ft of flexible, contemporary office and retail space, bringing together the dynamism of the City with the spectacle of the West End.

The over-arching design balances the requirements of an attractive and modern office environment with the enhancement of the urban grain, scale and texture of the Chancery Lane Conservation Area. This successfully upholds the richness and diversity of the locality and provides a dynamic and active frontage along Chancery Lane and Bream’s Buildings.

In addition to producing a high quality space for the occupants of the new office, the building augments the local townscape at this pivotal site linking the two contrasting settings of Chancery Lane to the west and the increasingly significant east-west axis of Bream’s Buildings. As such, the structure has been carefully modelled and articulated to respond to its immediate neighbours and to the wider surrounding context.

Total Area

100,000 sq ft

Floor Plates

5,000 – 16,000 sq ft


Q4 2016

Architects Vision

This redevelopment combines the retained façade of Lonsdale Chambers on Chancery Lane with a distinctive contemporary office building addressing the remainder of the site.

The design balances the demands of the contemporary office market with the enhancement of the Conservation Area, acknowledging both the historic and flamboyant context of Chancery Lane and the more modest qualities of the neighbouring Bream's Buildings. The fabric of Lonsdale Chambers has been integrated by bringing together the existing and proposed facades in a way that reinforces the composition, developing a synergy between the existing and the new elevations.

A level of complexity, depth and layering has been introduced into the ‘street- wall’ facades with the introduction of ceramic (faience) cladding. In turn the vertical rhythm of the new Bream's Buildings elevation has been divided into distinct ‘plot widths’ that provide a visual module appropriate to the historic environment. Above the main parapet line the office space is set back and expressed as a simple glass enclosure lit by a central atrium space. The offices will be entered through the central arch of Lonsdale Chambers on Chancery Lane and will be expressed by a new entrance canopy. The remainder of the Chancery Lane frontage will remain in retail use with the introduction of small scale units suitable for specialist use.